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January 17, 2021
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Chinese,Terracotta,Army,Chinese,Terracotta,Warriors,Chinese,calendars,Search,Buy,Purchase,for,You,Online,Shopping Search for You
Chinese,Terracotta,Army,Chinese,Terracotta,Warriors,Chinese,calendars,Search,Buy,Purchase,for,You,Online,Shopping F.Q.A
Chinese,Terracotta,Army,Chinese,Terracotta,Warriors,Chinese,calendars,Search,Buy,Purchase,for,You,Online,Shopping Delivery and Rates
Chinese,Terracotta,Army,Chinese,Terracotta,Warriors,Chinese,calendars,Search,Buy,Purchase,for,You,Online,Shopping Privacy and Security
Chinese,Terracotta,Army,Chinese,Terracotta,Warriors,Chinese,calendars,Search,Buy,Purchase,for,You,Online,Shopping Returns and Refunds

Delivery and Rates

Delivery Fee:

1.We provide 100% Global Free Post Office Shipping service for our customers. If you choose Post Office Normal Delivery, the shipping cost will be 100% on Asian-culture-shop.

2.If you choose EMS or FedEx Fast Air Delivery, additional $24.00 or other equal currency need be added.

3.EMS or FedEx Fast Air Delivery Service is not available for some extremely large items.

Delivery Proceedings and Arrival Time:

1.After receiving your payment, Asian-culture-shop Delivery Team will send out the parcels to the desired address immediately.

2.If you choose Post Office Normal Delivery, you will receive the item within 7-15 weekdays. But for extremely big and heavy item, it has to cost about 30 weekdays for you to receive.

3.If you choose EMS or FedEx Fast Air Delivery, you will receive your item within 3-7 days. You can keep tracking the parcel via or after we sending it out.


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